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OnlineCRF / Features

Transparency and traceability

The Activity of Doctor's initiation and the progress of CRF can be traced online by Sponsor's CTL profile.

Quick start

Thanks to remote Site initiation, the Project starts quickly.

Decreased couriers, postal and phone expenses

The Project is driven by OnlineCRF, which makes it possible to dramatically reduce costs for Site monitoring and Management.

Decreasing the number of well-qualified staff involved in on-Site monitoring

CRA has its own OnlineCRF profile, which allows being alongside each PMS participant.

High accuracy of data / information

Online validation and tracing of CRF editing enhances the level of data consistency and integrity.

Minimal timelines between all main steps in clinical data management and statistics

Automated system for Data Clarification and export of collected data into convenient format make the final PMS stage short.

OnlineCRF is compliant to 21 CFR, Part 11 Guidelines:

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